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July Blog... although a bit late...

Posted by Matt Wickham on July 18, 2013 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

 June has been a very busy month, now in to July, the sun is out, and the big push to get the layout running again is in full swing!


On Horsted Keynes, some tiding and small alterations have been made, mainly to the platforms. Platform 4 and 5 the edging stones or card has bee cut back a bit now allowing the Maunsell coaches through without too much trouble.

The canopy's one platforms 1-2 and 3-4 have had a bit of a make over, new side panelling to them instead of the faded print outs which now look a lot better, the same as been done to the original Card kit ones so they match.

The Canopy supports on Platform 5 arrived from Shapeways, yes I've finally done some 3D printing... and it worked... which is a surprise! They have now been fitted to the canopy, and certainly now look the part, much better than the old one which is on its way to recycling... I have made the LBSC canopy supports available on Shapeways so if anyone fancies them you can buy some!


The best material really is FUD, but the white strong and flexible material is very good all though a little rough so may want to try the polished version:

The additional sidings are starting to go in now, points are on their way, with flexi track acquired for the sidings and the outside areas, I'm hoping it will be complete and finished by mid to the end of July.


Rolling stock:

A new coach has arrived, from of all places the Bluebell Railway, I finally decided to order the Blue Maunsell coach, produced by Hornby for the 50th Anniversary set, of one coach and one model of Stepney... I wasn't to interested in Stepney having the Dapol one, so just brought the Coach on its own.... it certainly goes will with the P-Class Bluebell!


2x, 8 plank 12 Ton SR wagons have entered service on the layout, built from Cambrain kits, 2 more kits are yet to be started another 2 Dogfish ballast wagons, hopefully the Grampus engineers wagons will be complete soon.


A new Ransome Rapier steam crane has been purchased also made by Hornby which I'm hoping I will detail it up a bit and make it look at least like the Bluebell’s… ok Hornby’s is bigger but there's not much choice so this one it will have to be.

Bluebell Railway - Model Railway Weekend.

Well I took a trip down to the Bluebell Railway with a friend of mine, to see the model railway weekend.. although details were a bit... vague to say the least... not really knowing what was going to be there.

The journey to East Grinstead was straight forward taking just over 2 hours, catching the first train out of East Grinstead at 10:40am being the U-Class.

There were quite a nice selection of layouts there, even mini Horsted in N gauge, was nice to see, although wasn't working to well... in service loco wise was the U-Class and the 9F with additional services being pulled by Class 33 Swordfish.


I have made 2 videos of the event, part one covers Horsted Keynes, with Part 2 covering Sheffield park, you will also find photos on Flickr:

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3D Printing – Met Coach project,

The 3D met coaches which hoped will be 3D printed are making some progress… Having done most of the work designing and building the chassis, bogies body… ect… I had difficulty adjusting and adding additional features.

So after searching for a partner on the project who knows more about 3D design than I do I joined up with a guy I was watching on RMweb, he was designing for 3D printing Rigid 8 Metropolitan coaches… a few of which exsist on the Isle of Wight as beach huts. You can find his work here:

He was doing his projects in 2mm and possibly smaller, so an agreement was reached to help with the Chesham set which he could then scale down to 2mm for his range but firstly help with the 4mm versions.

So far revisions have been made to the chassis, and bogie attachment, and some changes to the Bogie adding brake blocks. The bogie has now taken a backwards step to sort some issues, but I hope soon to show some progress on them.

My main problems have been with rescaling loosing all the detail when working with sketch up. Using other programs seem to of solved this problem.


I also in secret for the last couple of weeks been working on something else, but for now its still under development. But you can see progress and announcements on our new 3D print page… which you can find on the link below.





June Blog.

Posted by Matt Wickham on June 3, 2013 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

June Blog


So now in to June… looks like summer has been and gone… but what’s been going on…


Horsted Keynes

On Horsted Keynes… the back scenes have been taken down for some work… mainly on the colour of the sky as that was a bit blue…. So its being toned down a bit. Also whilst awaiting track components which I left on the Isle of wight after my holiday as they were a little large to bring back, I’ve been looking to again improve a few bits on the layout… the Station building canopy will be replaced with a new Card kit which I discovered in Model Rail’s workbench booklet which came with June’s issue, link here:
 The replacement for East Grinstead layout, is coming along, track has been salvaged from the last layout, and new flexi track purchased, It will act as exchange sidings or Storage sidings, for stock or locos, when other people  may visit with their own locos / stock. More money is needed to complete this area, another £60 on track alone.



Rolling Stock:

Sadly another delay for Hornby’s open third / unconverted, back to September… so won’t be getting that for a while yet.


Quite a few more wagons have been purchased, mainly kits, 2x 8 plank SR Cambrian Kits, 2x Grampus Engineers wagons, 3x Dogfish Ballast wagons, 1x 8 Ton, LBSC Van Smallbrook Studio,



2 Dogfish Wagons are pretty much complete awaiting some painting of small details, and transfers, 1 Grampus wagon has been built… needs painting.

The LBSC van has recently been finished and added to the short Freight usually seen in reality behind Captain Baxter.




Adams Radial – Dean Sidings Kit

Good news, its approaching the end of this build, the loco body is painted, and about 80% lined and requires numbering to finish, and a bit of Matt Black paint for the smokebox and roof, but its generally looking quite tidy so quite pleased with it so far.


U-Class 1638

Needing some lining repairs to its cylinder, and also some additional lining around the newly arrived Cabside plate from Narrow Planet so that its now complete and running nicely.


DJH U-Class,

No work done on this yet, needing money to start it and buy the remaining parts, wheels, motor, gearbox, some light work has been done on the motion on the cylinder which has now been fixed and replaced with RTR bits and pieces.

672 Fenchurch.

Whilst wondering round an exhibition last weekend, I decided finally to paint the wheels of Fenchurch…. As its been annoying me for some time that its got black wheels instead of brown… so now it has LBSC Brown wheels… so I guess you can also say that it’s now fully complete.


Bachmann - Dukedog's on the Horizon...

End of last month Bachmann received livery samples of the GWR Dukedogs. They have been quite a while to surface, but hopefully this marks the count down to them arriving.... Hopefully arriving in September / October.


Steam and Exhibitions:

Well a few videos have been done one still to be uploaded, I have some footage from the Isle of Wight Steam railway, which was taken 22nd May, Then I have some footage of Princes Risborough Model Railway Clubs, Exhibition, Railex, taken at the Gutmans sports center / Stoke Mandeville Stadium which was taken on the 25th May, and eventually, Steam on the Met, taken on the Bank Holiday Monday 27th May, Sadly no MET 1 due to a failure, possible bearing issue... hopefully it will be fixed in time for other events.

You can find these videos on my Youtube channel,, or here on the website:

Model Railways & Events
Steam Railway & Mainline

Project Metropolitan Coaches - Attention 3D designers and printers.

As some will know End of last year I sold off my old mock up Metropolitan Coaches, as I was going to replace them later in the year. A group was formed of 4 people, 3 designers who have done 3D printing before, and me doing some research and checks on the designs.
Sadly this didn't get very far, end of Feb for what ever reason all communication stopped... no idea why, and have not heard anything since. Feeling bad for the people who had shown interest initially, I decided to give it ago on my own... although I had no idea what I was doing... and still don't fully know what I'm doing, or what I have done is correct.

As I mentioned I didn't have a clue what I'm doing... and now It has come to complete stop.
I need some 3D designers to help on this project like before, and must know a thing or too about model in 4mm / OO scale, as well as having some knowledge about the coaches, but if not its no problem all research and models have been uploaded to site for sharing.

If anyone is interested please contact me, and hopefully we can work together on this.


April / May Blog

Posted by Matt Wickham on May 13, 2013 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

April / May Blog

Could of sworn I wrote an April Blog obviously I didn't....


Its been a month… so what has been going on…


Magazine News!

Finally the day has come! My model of Horsted Keynes in a magazine, Model Rail, 16th May, photos by Chris Nevard, so if you want to know more, pick up a copy when the next edition is on the shelves of WHSmith… Very much looking forward to it!

Some may of saw it in the last issue of Model Rail at the back of the magazine in the Next issue... Horsted Keynes... well, the layout is in it... although... not on the front cover... but it doesn't matter too much it's still in there.... should be on peoples door matts this morning or tomorrow, and in shops on the 16th May.


Project Met’s in 3D

Well this has been progressing slowly… but quietly behind all the other projects, but I am closing in on completing a complete coach. All the Coach bodies are done, apart from small details, but they are pretty much getting there.

The carriage chassis, is done, and under frame details added, only thing that needs adjusting is the Bogie holder, as I am undecided until recently to either use RTR bogies with a 28mm wheel base, or to try and create my own 3D ones… It now turns out I will probably have to do 3D printed ones.


So I’m seeking help on those as I have a number of components to the coaches which are un-finished:

- Buffers
- Vents
- Bogies


Sadly after much asking and help… I think it has now dawned on me, that the models are far away from being suitable for printing. Having extremely limited Knowledge on the designing and what is needed to be printed I’ve decided at this point in time not to continue with it.

originally when I started this.. there were 4 people helping, as time passed, each one dropped out leaving just me to do the build, as mentioned above my skills in 3D modelling are… non existent..


If anyone wishes to work together and finish them, I’m open to offers but for now, I cannot do anymore, as I have reached the limit of my skills

There is a small light at the end of the tunnel... some 3D modellers have kindly offered help... so it might not be the end.


Message me, with the subject: Project Mets in OO



More Kits!

Well Having recently finished the U-Class of 1638, I saw another one on Ebay at a decent price, this one a DJH kit, purchased for £70 which was £30 less than the other, requires wheels and a motor to complete. Hopefully will start this in a couple of months. This will be numbered 1618... and probably will appear in SR livery... much better than Black...


Adams Radial

I decided to sell off the original K’s Kit I have owned to replace it with a slightly more accurate Radial Kit. I have chosen to replace it with a Dean Sidings, Adams Radial Tank, kit, quite a complex kit as I have been finding, especially the motion, which I have now got around… The kit should be complete by the end of May to mid June..



No Layout videos for over a year…. The wait is nearly over.

 Since removing East Grinstead in 2012 to make room for the photographer… No trains have run since the end of 2011 using the full circuit… well good news… with the sun finally out, I have begun the task of replacing East Grinstead with storage sidings / Fiddle Yard, 2 boards are in place just now designing the hinged section which create easier access, I hope to have track down, and running the layout again by the end of June. So you can all look out for new videos in 2013!


Railex, Stoke Mandeville Stadium, - May 25th + 26th:


March Blog

Posted by Matt Wickham on March 13, 2013 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (39)

So on to March...

First a new kit arrived very early in March, this kit was already built although in a pretty bad state of repair. A SE Finecast U-Class was brought from Ebay / Rails of Sheffield for £102, which is quite cheap for a U-Class as they do go for a lot more especially if they are a DJH kit.

Although the number is good for the layout, the Loco will be stripped assesed and then rebuilt, and repaired where needed.
 The loco needs re-wiring, repairs to the running plate, chassis needing repair and moving of the brake gear, Tender will be replaced with an N-Class tender of a similar style, tender pickups to be added.

The loco at present is progressing reasonably well, Tender is moving along nicely, and presently being lined out. and pickups added.

Cabside plates have been placed on order with Narrow Planet, who produced the plates for my S15 last year.


Mid Hants Railway Great Spring Gala,

As some of you maybe aware i visited the Mid Hants Spring Gala on the 3rd March, it was a bit late notice as I found I wasn't able to attend but luckily managed to on the Sunday, I took a few snaps and videos, as i arrived to catch the 14:10 train from Alresford and lost another 30 mins as the T9 sprung a leak.
 Was a good day although incredibly cold... and having several Batteries die on me sadly not the best video in the world but least its something to record the day.

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Bachmann March Releases for 2013 / 2014

 Yes Bachman have named their 2013 range... probably be a few years till we start seeing the products from the their range which I don't really mind waiting for a quality product and also gives me time to save...

Theres a few Bluebell bits and pieces of interest... an E4 tank.. in various liveries including the LBSC umber brown which is quite something! Also finally SECR Birdcage stock, Bachmann have listened and produced the 60ft Birdcage stock, in SECR livery, SR, and BR red... I have ordered 3 - 4 of these, even though the bluebell has one 60ft Birdcage Brake... but never mind might as well it may never happen again...
Anyway the full list and images can be found on this link:





New Items 2013/2014




Please note these items are under development and are scheduled to be introduced gradually over the next 18 months.



Class 24/1

50 Class 24 locomotives were designated Class 24/1 (No’s D5100-D5150 later No’s 24100-24150). They were delivered between February 1960 and January 1961. The first was withdrawn in August 1969 and the last in December 1976. No Class 24/1 has been preserved.






32-440 Class 24/1 D5135 BR Plain Green £85.95


32-441 Class 24/1 D5149 BR Green Small Yellow Panel £85.95


32-442 Class 24/1 24137 BR Blue £85.95







Class 43 ‘Warship’ Diesel Hydraulic

33 locomotives were built between May 1960 and June 1962. The first was withdrawn in 1969 and the last in October 1971. None have been preserved.




32-065 Class 43 D865 ‘Zealous’ BR Maroon Small Yellow Panel £89.95


32-066 Class 43 D835 ‘Pegasus’ BR Green Small Yellow Panel £89.95


32-067 Class 43 No.842 ‘Royal Oak’ BR Blue £89.95

Midland Class 1F 0-6-0T

These locomotives were built to an 1874 design between 1878 and 1899. Many rebuilt from 1919 with Belpaire fireboxes. The first was withdrawn in 1928 and the last in 1966. 1 locomotive has been preserved.




31-430 Midland Class 1F 0-6-0T 1725 LMS Black £79.75


31-431 Midland Class 1F 0-6-0T 41708 BR Black Early Emblem (Preserved) £79.75


31-432 Midland Class 1F 0-6-0T 41661 BR Black Late Crest £79.75



LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0

40 locomotives were built between October 1933 and March 1934. The first was withdrawn in September 1963 and the last in February 1967. 1 locomotive has been preserved.






31-690 LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0 2955 LMS Lined Black Riveted Fowler Tender £118.95


31-691 LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0 42969 BR Lined Black Early Emblem £118.95


31-692 LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0 42968 BR Lined Black Late Crest (Preserved) £118.95



Class 64XX 0-6-0T

40 locomotives were built between February 1932 and April 1950. The first was withdrawn in August 1958 and the last in December 1964. 3 locomotives have been preserved.






31-635 Class 64xx 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 6407 GWR Green £76.95


31-636 Class 64xx 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 6403 BR Black Early Emblem £76.95


31-637 Class 64xx 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 6400 BR Lined Green Late Crest £76.95


Class E4, 0-6-2T

75 locomotives were built between December 1897 and September 1903. Four locomotives were rebuilt as E4X Class between 1909 and 1911. The first was withdrawn in March 1955 and the last in June 1963. 1 locomotive has been preserved.






35-075 Class E4 0-6-2 579 LBSC Umber £89.95


35-076 Class E4 0-6-2 473 Southern Green (Preserved) £89.95


35-077 Class E4 0-6-2 32556 BR Black Early Emblem £89.95


35-078 Class E4 0-6-2 32470 BR Black Late Crest £89.95


Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car

Produced between 1949 and 1980, over 600 were built by D. Wickham & Co Ltd in England. Many were exported to countries across the world, seeing use on Narrow, Broad and Standard gauge railways. Mechanically, they utilised automotive equipment (motor vehicle engines and gearboxes) which enabled speeds of up to 30mph in each direction.




32-991 Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car BR Maroon £45.95


32-992 Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car BR Engineers Yellow £45.95


32-993 Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car BR Engineers Yellow with Wasp Stripes £45.95


Coaching Stock




BR Auto Trailer


39-575 BR Auto Trailer BR Crimson & Cream TBA


39-576 BR Auto Trailer BR Maroon TBA


39-577 BR Auto Trailer BR Crimson TBA





SECR 60’ Birdcage Coaches


39-600 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite SECR Dark Lake TBA


39-601 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite SR Olive Green TBA


39-602 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite BR Vermillion TBA


39-610 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite SECR Dark Lake TBA


39-611 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite SR Olive Green TBA


39-612 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite BR Vermillion TBA


39-620 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd SECR Dark Lake TBA


39-621 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd SR Olive Green TBA


39-622 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd BR Vermillion TBA





BR Mk2F inc. DBSO


39-650 BR Mk2F FO First Open Blue & Grey £29.95


39-650DC BR Mk2F FO First Open Blue & Grey DCC TBA


39-652 BR Mk2F FO First Open InterCity £29.95


39-652DC BR Mk2F FO First Open InterCity DCC TBA


39-675 BR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open Blue & Grey £29.95


39-675DC BR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open Blue & Grey DCC TBA


39-677 BR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open InterCity £29.95


39-677DC BR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open InterCity DCC TBA


39-685 BR Mk2F RFB Restaurant First Buffet Blue & Grey (Preserved) £29.95


39-685DC BR Mk2F RFB Restaurant First Buffet Blue & Grey (Preserved) DCC TBA


39-686 BR Mk2F RFB Restaurant First Buffet InterCity £29.95


39-686DC BR Mk2F RFB Restaurant First Buffet InterCity DCC TBA


39-700 BR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open Blue & Grey £29.95


39-700DC BR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open Blue & Grey DCC TBA


39-701 BR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open InterCity £29.95


39-701DC BR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open InterCity DCC TBA


39-725DC BR Mk2 DBSO Driving Brake Second Open Blue & Grey DCC TBA


39-726DC BR Mk2 DBSO Driving Brake Second Open ScotRail DCC TBA







BR Mk1 TPO Stowage Van


39-750 BR Mk1 POT TPO Stowage Van Post Office Red (As Preserved) £39.95


39-755 BR Mk1 POT TPO Stowage Van BR Blue & Grey £39.95


39-760 BR Mk1 POT TPO Stowage Van Royal Mail Letters Large Red £39.95


39-765 BR Mk1 POT TPO Stowage Van Royal Mail Travelling Post Office Red £39.95











Thompson Coaches, Complete Re-Tool


34-385 Thompson 2nd Class Corridor LNER Teak £30.35


34-386 Thompson 2nd Class Corridor BR Crimson & Cream £30.35


34-410 Thompson Composite Corridor LNER Teak £30.35


34-411 Thompson Composite Corridor BR Crimson & Cream £30.35


34-435 Thompson Composite Brake LNER Teak £30.35


34-436 Thompson Composite Brake BR Crimson & Cream £30.35


34-460 Thompson 2nd Class Brake Corridor LNER Teak £30.35


34-461 Thompson 2nd Class Brake Corridor BR Crimson & Cream £30.35


34-485 Thompson 1st Class Corridor LNER Teak £30.35


34-486 Thompson 1st Class Corridor BR Crimson & Cream £30.35







LMS District Engineers Inspector’s Saloon


39-775 LMS 50ft Inspection Saloon LMS Lined Maroon TBA


39-776 LMS 50ft Inspection Saloon BR Maroon TBA


39-777 LMS 50ft Inspection Saloon BR Blue & Grey TBA




BR Mk1 TPO Sorting Van (With Nets)


39-421 BR Mk1 POS Post Office Sorting Van Post Office Red (with Nets) £42.95


39-426 BR Mk1 POS Post Office Sorting Van BR Blue & Grey (with Nets) £42.95











GWR Shunter’s Truck


38-675 GWR Shunter’s Truck GWR Grey ‘Canons Marsh, Bristol’ £12.45


38-676 GWR Shunter’s Truck GWR Grey ‘Newton Abbott’ £12.45


38-677 GWR Shunter’s Truck GWR Grey ‘Old Oak Common’ £12.45


38-678 GWR Shunter’s Truck BR Grey ‘Loco Depot’ £12.45


38-679 GWR Shunter’s Truck BR Grey ‘Margam Jn’ Weathered £13.75


BR 21 Ton Grain Hopper (Steel)

38-600 21 Ton Grain Hopper BR Grey £17.10


38-601 21 Ton Grain Hopper BR Bauxite (Early) £17.10


38-602 21 Ton Grain Hopper BR Bauxite (Late) £17.10





BR 12 Ton Pipe Wagon


38-700 12 Ton Pipe Wagon BR Bauxite (Early) £19.45


38-701 12 Ton Pipe Wagon BR Bauxite (Late) £19.45


38-702 12 Ton Pipe Wagon BR Engineers Olive Green £19.45





Class B Bitumen TTA Tank


37-560 45 Ton Class B TTA Conical End Black (Unbranded) £12.80


37-561 45 Ton Class B TTA Conical End Black (Unbranded) Weathered £14.50


37-562 45 Ton Class B TTA Truncated End ‘BP’ Black £12.80


37-563 45 Ton Class B TTA Truncated End ‘BP’ Black Weathered £14.50





WD Warflat


38-725 Warflat Bogie Flat Wagon WD Khaki Drab Livery with Tank TBA


38-726 Warflat Bogie Flat Wagon WD Bronze Green with Tank TBA


38-727 Warflat Bogie Flat Wagon BR Grey TBA







Tube Wagon


38-750 Long Tube Wagon BR Grey £19.95


38-751 Long Tube Wagon BR Bauxite (Early) £19.95


38-752 Long Tube Wagon BR Bauxite (Late) £19.95





20 Ton Tank Wagon


38-775 20 Ton Tank Wagon ‘ICI’ £12.80


38-776 20 Ton Tank Wagon ‘Esso’ £12.80


38-777 20 Ton Tank Wagon ‘NCB’ Weathered £14.75







Intermodals with Curtain Sided Containers


37-340 Intermodal Bogie Wagons with 2 x 45ft Curtain-Sided containers ‘P&O Ferrymaster’ £44.95


37-341 Intermodal Bogie Wagons with 2x 45ft Curtain-Sided Containers ‘Geest’ £44.95





Intermodals with Tanktainers


37-390 Intermodal Bogie Wagons with 20ft Tanktainers ‘InterBulk’ £44.95





E-Z Command


36-556RA 90° 6 Pin DCC Decoder with back EMF (DC Compatible) £17.10


36-558A 6 Pin DCC Decoder (DC Compatible) £17.95





New Issues of previous models




Train sets (Include Track and Controller)




30-042 Digital starter set (2 Junior Locomotives + 2 Wagons + Brake Van)


30-053 Torbay Express (Class 42 + 2 Mk1 coaches)


30-160 Rural Commuter (DMU)


30-077 Midnight Metropolitan (Pannier tank + 2 Wagons + Brake Van)


Loco has different running number to previous set


30-125 St Blazey Haulier (Class 08 + 2 Wagons + Brake Van)





Junior locomotives




30-910 Junior diesel shunter No.99 in Blue





Steam Locomotives




31-119 Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 75035 BR Lined Black Late Crest Weathered


31-129A 3000 Class ROD 2-8-0 3028 GWR Green


31-137 D11/2 4-4-0 6399 ‘Allan-Bane’ LNER Green


31-138 D11/2 4-4-0 62682 ‘Haystoun of Bucklaw’ BR Black Early Emblem


31-146 D11/1 4-4-0 62663 ‘Prince Albert’ BR Black Early Emblem


31-187 Jubilee Class 4-6-0 5664 ‘Nelson’ LMS Crimson Stanier Tender


31-188 Jubilee Class 4-6-0 45565 ‘Victoria’ BR Lined Green Late Crest Weathered


31-189 Jubilee Class 4-6-0 45606 ‘Falkland Islands’ BR Green Early Emblem Weathered


31-214 Patriot Class 4-6-0 45538 ‘Giggleswick’ BR Lined Green Early Emblem


31-463 C Class 0-6-0 271 SECR Plain Green livery


31-464 C Class 0-6-0 593 Southern Railway Black with Green Lining


31-465 C Class 0-6-0 31579 BR Black Late Crest


31-966 A4 Class 4-6-2 60008 ‘Dwight D Eisenhower’ BR Lined Green Late Crest


31-967 A4 Class 4-6-2 60010 ‘Dominion of Canada’ BR Lined Green Late Crest


31-979A Standard 3MT 2-6-2T 82001 BR Lined Black Early Emblem Weathered


31-980 Standard 3MT 2-6-2T 82020 BR Green Late Crest Weathered


32-084 56xx Class 0-6-2T 6677 GWR Green


32-085 56xx Class 0-6-2T 6639 BR Black Early Emblem


32-127B 45xx Class 2-6-2 Prairie Tank 4555 GWR Green


32-129A 45xx Class 2-6-2 Prairie Tank 4545 BR Lined Black Early Emblem


32-203A 8750 Class 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 4680 BR Black Late Crest Weathered


32-208A 8750 Class 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 9635 GWR Green


32-218 57xx Class 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 8709 GWR Green


32-219 57xx Class 0-6-0 Pannier Tank 7717 BR Black Early Emblem Weathered


32-550C A1 Class 4-6-2 60163 ‘Tornado’ BR Express Blue Early Emblem





Modern Image




31-025A Class 166 Networker 3 Car DMU 166216 Network SouthEast Weathered


31-029 Class 166 Networker 3 Car DMU 166204 Thames Trains


31-268 Class 419 MLV Network SouthEast


31-269 Class 419 MLV BR ‘Jaffa Cake’ livery


31-343 Class 04 Diesel Shunter 11219 BR Black Early Emblem


31-344 Class 04 Diesel Shunter D2332 ‘Lloyd’ NCB Industrial Yellow Weathered


31-364 Class 03 Diesel Shunter D2383 BR Green Wasp Stripes Weathered


31-365 Class 03 Diesel Shunter 03170 BR Blue Wasp Stripes & Air Tanks Weathered


31-366 Class 03 Diesel Shunter D2016 BR Green


31-425B 4CEP 4 Car EMU SR Multiple Unit Green Weathered


31-426B 4CEP 4 Car EMU SR Multiple Unit Green Small Yellow Panel Weathered


31-517DS Class 158 2 Car DMU 158849 Regional Railways DCC Sound £274.95



(New Tooling Announced 2012 – revised catalogue and running number)


31-518 Class 158 2 Car DMU 158773 East Midlands Trains £129.95



(New Tooling Announced 2012 – revised catalogue and running number)


31-577A Windhoff MPV Railtrack Weathered


31-587DC Class 70 70004 Freightliner PowerHaul DCC On Board


31-588 Class 70 70005 Freightliner PowerHaul Weathered


31-657 Class 47 47715 ‘Haymarket’ BR Network SouthEast


31-658DS Class 47 47190 ‘Pectinidae’ BR Petroleum Sector DCC Sound


31-658 Class 47 47190 ‘Pectinidae’ BR Petroleum Sector Weathered


31-679 Type AL5 Electric E3095 BR Electric Blue Small Yellow Panel


32-037 Class 20 20901 GBRF


32-038DS Class 20 20124 BR Blue Indicator Discs Weathered DCC Sound


32-044 Class 20 D8028 BR Green Indicator Discs & Tablet Catcher


32-062 Class 42 Warship Diesel Hydraulic No.810 (Cockade) BR Blue Weathered


32-114A Class 08 Diesel Shunter 13050 BR Black Early Emblem


32-115A Class 08 Diesel Shunter 08021 BR Blue Wasp Stripes


32-118 Class 08 Diesel Shunter 08011 ‘Haversham’ BR Green Wasp Stripes


32-288 Class 101 2 Car DMU BR Blue


32-331 Class 25/1 25043 BR Green Full Yellow Ends Weathered


32-680 Class 45 45036 BR Blue Split Centre Head Code


32-681 Class 45 D108 BR Plain Green Split Centre Head Code Weathered


32-734A Class 66 66101 DB Schenker Red Weathered


32-762DS Class 57/3 57312 ‘The Hood’ Virgin Weathered DCC Sound


32-763 Class 57/3 57309 ‘Pride of Crewe’ DRS Compass Blue


32-784 Class 37/0 37242 Mainline Blue Weathered


32-785DS Class 37/0 37254 BR Dutch Weathered DCC Sound


32-786 Class 37/0 37174 EWS Weathered


32-817 Class 47 47745 ‘Royal London Society for the Blind’ RES Red and Grey


32-925A Class 150/1 2 Car DMU 150144 First North Western Weathered


32-927 Class 150/1 2 Car DMU 150128 First Great Western


32-928 Class 150/1 2 Car DMU 150150 BR Sprinter Weathered


32-937 Class 150/2 2 Car DMU 150202 Centro


32-938 Class 150/2 2 Car DMU 150204 Northern Rail









34-053 60ft Collett Corridor 3rd GWR Chocolate & Cream


34-056A 60ft Collett Corridor 2nd BR Crimson & Cream


34-078 60ft Collett Brake Composite GWR Chocolate & Cream


34-081A 60ft Collett Brake Composite BR Crimson & Cream


34-128 60ft Collett Composite GWR Chocolate & Cream


34-131A 60ft Collett Composite BR Crimson & Cream


34-253 57ft Ex LMS Composite BR Departmental Olive Green ‘Signals’


34-326A 50ft Ex LMS PIII BG Full Brake BR Crimson & Cream


34-330 50ft Ex LMS PIII BG Full Brake BR Departmental Black ‘Electrification’


34-331 50ft Ex LMS PIII BG Full Brake Tartan Arrow livery


34-632 BR Mk1 Suburban Brake Second Blue Weathered


34-633 BR Mk1 Suburban Brake Second Blue Weathered


34-677 BR Mk1 Suburban Open Blue Weathered


34-678 BR Mk1 Suburban Open Blue Weathered


39-001 BR Mk1 Coach Pack ‘Works Test Train’ Blue & Grey Weathered


39-052G BR Mk1 SO Crimson & Cream


39-058 BR Mk1 SO Network SouthEast


39-125D BR Mk1 CK Blue & Grey


39-126G BR Mk1 CK Maroon Weathered


39-127E BR Mk1 CK Crimson & Cream weathered


39-131 BR Mk1 CK Network SouthEast


39-185 BR Mk1 BG Full Brake BR Departmental Olive Green


39-226E BR Mk1 BCK Maroon Weathered


39-229C BR Mk1 BCK Chocolate & Cream


39-275 BR Mk1 GUV Royal Mail livery


39-276 BR Mk1 GUV InterCity Motorail livery


39-363 BR Mk2A TSO Network SouthEast









33-083 China Clay Wagon without Hood BR Bauxite


33-084 China Clay Wagon with Hood BR Bauxite (Pre TOPS) Weathered


33-085 China Clay Wagon with Hood BR Bauxite (TOPS) Weathered


33-184 10 Ton Covered Wagon ‘Tollemache Pulverised Coal’


33-307 20 Ton Toad Brake Van BR Bauxite


33-308 20 ton Toad Brake Van BR Grey Weathered


33-436 51 Tonne SSA Scrap Wagon Blue


33-437 51 Tonne SSA Scrap Wagon Transrail Grey


33-902 Bogie Well Wagon BR Departmental Black


37-038 5 Plank Wagon Steel Floor ‘E.B Mason’


37-061C 5 Plank Wagon Wooden Floor BR Grey


37-064 5 Plank Wagon Wooden Floor ‘Farndon’


37-065 5 Plank Wagon Wooden Floor ‘Writhlington’ Weathered


37-081F 7 Plank End Door Wagon BR Grey


37-096 Coal Traders Triple Pack – 7 Plank Wagons BR (Ex P.O) P Numbers Weathered


37-158C 8 Plank Fixed End Wagon BR Grey


37-162 8 Plank Fixed End Wagon ‘R.W. Hill and Son’


37-163 8 Plank Fixed End Wagon ‘William Harrison’


37-187 7 Plank Wagon with Coke Rails ‘T.L Hale (Tipton) Ltd’


37-188 7 Plank Wagon with Coke Rails ‘Moy’ Weathered


37-208 8 Plank Wagon with Coke Rails ‘Suncole’


37-235A Triple Pack – 16T Steel Mineral Wagons BR Grey Weathered


37-236 Triple Pack – 16T Steel Mineral Wagons NCB Grey Weathered


37-253B 16T Steel Mineral Wagon BR Grey Weathered


37-255 16T Steel Mineral Wagon BR Departmental Green


37-256 16T Steel Mineral Wagon BR Bauxite


37-275F 27T Steel Tippler Wagon BR Grey ‘Iron Ore’


37-279 27T Steel Tippler Wagon MSV BR Bauxite


37-280 27T Steel Tippler Wagon ‘Lancashire Steel Manufacturing’


37-356 13T Steel ‘Sand’ Tippler Wagon BR Departmental Olive Green


37-365 Triple pack 13T Steel ‘Sand’ Tippler Wagons ‘Taunton Concrete’ Weathered


37-378 16T Steel Mineral Wagon Pressed End Door BR Grey


37-452 16T Slope Sided Mineral Wagon ‘The Boston Deep Sea Fishing Co.’


37-478 1 Plank Wagon LMS Bauxite


37-479 1 Plank Wagon BR Bauxite (Late)


37-506 24T Ore Hopper Wagon ‘B.I.S.C. Iron Ore’


37-507 24T Ore Hopper Wagon BR Bauxite


37-508 24T Ore Hopper Wagon BR Grey Weathered


37-529A 20 Ton Brake Van LNER Oxide


37-530 20 Ton Brake Van BR Grey Weathered


37-531 20 Ton Brake Van BR Bauxite Weathered


37-532 20 Ton Brake Van (CAP/ZTV) BR Bauxite


37-533 20 Ton ZTO Brake Van BR Dutch Weathered


37-578A 45T TTA Tank Wagon ‘ICI Methanol’


37-584 45T TTA Tank Wagon ‘Ciba-Geigy’


37-585 45T TTA Tank Wagon ‘Amoco’


37-586 45T TTA Tank Wagon ‘Fina’


37-629 102 Tonne glw Thrall BRA Steel Strip Carrier ‘DB Schenker’


37-661 14T Tank Wagon ‘ICI’


37-662 14T Tank Wagon ‘Pease & Partners’ Red livery


37-672 Triple pack 14T tank wagons ‘British Tar’ Weathered


37-685 14T Tank Wagon with Large Filler ‘Mex Lamp Oils’


37-706 12 Ton LMS Cattle Wagon NE Bauxite


37-707 12 Ton LMS Cattle Wagon NE Grey


37-708 12 Ton LMS Cattle Wagon LMS Bauxite


37-711C 8 Ton Cattle Wagon GWR Dark Grey


37-713 8 Ton Ale Wagon BR Bauxite


37-780 12 Ton Mogo Van BR Bauxite


37-803B 12 Ton Planked Ventilated Van LMS Grey


37-879 12 Ton Shock Absorbing Open Wagon BR Bauxite (Late)


37-904 12 Ton Shock Absorbing Van Planked Ends GWR Grey


37-931 3 Plank Wagon BR Departmental Olive Green


37-932 3 Plank Wagon LMS Bauxite


37-933 3 Plank Wagon LMS Grey


37-952 Conflat A Wagon BR Bauxite with BD Container ‘Speedfreight’


37-983 Twin Pack Conflat A Wagons BR Bauxite


38-007 46 Tonne RNA Nuclear Flask Barrier Wagon


38-033 100 Tonne HHA Bogie Hopper ‘Colas’


38-034 100 Tonne HHA Bogie Hopper ‘Colas’ Weathered


38-042A 31 Tonne OBA Open Wagon BR Plasmor Blockfreight


38-044 31 Tonne OBA Open Wagon BR Brown Railfreight


38-045 31 Tonne ZBA ‘Bass’ Open Wagon BR Brown


38-052 MTA Open Box Wagon EWS


38-059 ZDA ‘Bass’ Dropside Open Wagon BR Dutch Weathered


38-063A 45 Tonne glw MEA Open Box Wagon Coal Sector


38-064 45 Tonne glw MEA Open Box Wagon EWS Weathered


38-072 12 Ton Southern Planked Ventilated Van ‘Express Dairies Eggs’


38-084 12 Ton 2+2 Planked Ventilated Van SR Small Logo


38-100D 34T PNA Ballast/Spoil 7 Rib Wagon Railtrack Weathered


38-115 100T TEA Bogie Tank Wagon ‘Fina’ Weathered


38-116 100T TEA Bogie Tank Wagon ‘Aviation Fuel’


38-144 29 Tonne VDA Sliding Door Box Van Railfreight Red and Grey Weathered


38-145 29 Tonne VDA Sliding Door Box Van BR Bauxite Weathered


38-146 29 Tonne VDA Sliding Door Box Van BR Dutch Weathered


38-162 12 Ton BR Planked Ventilated Van Departmental Olive Green


38-245A MOA Low Sided Bogie Box Wagon EWS Weathered


38-272 22T ‘Presflo’ Wagons ‘Rugby Cement’


38-287 Triple Pack 22T ‘Presflo’ Wagons BR Bauxite Weathered


38-401A SR 25 Ton Pill Box Brake Van BR Grey Weathered


38-402A SR 25 Ton Pill Box Brake Van BR Bauxite


38-450A 13 Ton Open Wagon with Sheet Rail Highbar BR Bauxite (Early)


38-452A 13 Ton Open Wagon with Sheet Rail Highbar BR Bauxite (Late)



Scenecraft (New Items)




44-173 Brick Servicing Depot £59.95




44-174 Side Office/Workshop (to suit 44-050 4 road engine shed) £22.95


44-175 Stone Station £39.95




44-176 Stone Signal Box £43.95




44-177 Lineside Control Cabin £13.95


44-178 Traction Servicing Depot £86.95






44-179 Traction Fuelling Point £22.95


44-180 Traders Store £29.95


44-181 Depot Hoist £39.95


44-182 Ground Frame Hut £19.95


44-183 Blue Anchor Station Building £34.95


44-184 Mechanical Wash Plant £39.95




44-185 Grain Loading Hopper £29.95


44-186 Great Central Water Tower £27.95


44-187 Great Central Signal Box £54.95


44-188 Great Central Goods Depot £31.95


44-189 Gated Level Crossing (Single Track) £38.95




44-190 Crossing Keepers Cottage £21.95




44-191 Red Star Parcels Office £23.95


44-192 Platform Buffet £29.95






44-193 Prefabricated (prefab) House £23.95


44-194 Taxi Office £17.95


44-195 Grounded Carriage £23.95


44-232 Low Relief Pub £19.95


44-233 Low Relief Rear of Terraced Houses £19.95


44-234 Low Relief Public Convenience £13.95


44-235 Low Relief British Transport Police Station £19.95


44-236 Low Relief Railway Hotel ‘The Caledonian’ £24.95


44-237 Low Relief Factory Side £38.95


44-238 Low Relief Goods Loading Canopy £49.95


44-239 Low Relief ¾ View Church with Tower £39.95




44-240 Low Relief Fire Station £34.95


44-544 Pent Roof Garden Shed £5.95


44-545 Tarpaulin Covered Wagon Loads (x4) £5.95




44-546 Grit Boxes (x4) £5.95


44-547 Cycle Cabinets £6.95


44-548 Modern Station Signage set £4.95


44-549 Market Stalls (x2) £19.95


44-550 Braziers (x2) £5.95









February Blog:

Posted by Matt Wickham on February 9, 2013 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Projects, Exhibitions, Railway Trips / Tours.

Welcome to this February blog from the Bluebell Model Railway, covering what to expect in the next few months.


Projects this year continues where it left off last year, Rolling stock is a key part of the Bluebell Railway, having one of the best collection of vintage rolling stock in the country. Doing a model of the Bluebell means I will be after these as well.

On the Goods rolling stock side 2x 8 Plank SR wagons will be brought in the next month or so as well as another SECR Dance Hall Brake. All these kits will be brought from Cambrian.

Passenger rolling stock, SECR Birdcage stock is a must and will be looking in to this much more this year, keeping an eye on Ebay and other websites and forums if any come up for sale. I will also be seeing what Bachmann have to offer this year, but that’s for March.

The main project for most of this year, and probably very expensive is to replace, my mock up Metropolitan coaches which are now 3 - 4 years old, made from Ratio suburban coach kits.

With the lack of kits available, set in the right period around 1900 before they were converted, I have decided to go down the route that a few have modellers have started using 3D printing. The main coach bodies and chassis frame will be printed, with white metal parts being used for the under frame detail as well as the bogies.

2 rough coach sides have been completed so far and are now under going changes. As I am new to this... and have no idea what I'm doing, it should be interesting...

Developments will be posted on this thread:
BMR Workbench on NRM.




This month we see 2 exhibitions I hope to attend, see below:

Febuary Exhibitions:
- Milton Keynes Model Railway Society, 16th Feb 2013
- Risborough & District Model Railway Club, Risex, 23rd Feb 2013

Milton Keynes exhibition taking place at Shenley Brook End School, is an important show not just for me to attend but also for some of our loco models, 2 locos will be attending the show and will be used on the exhibition layout Denton Road ( E8 ) in the entrance hall. The 2 locos which will appear are the SECR P-Class 27 (Primrose) and H-Class 263, a set of SECR goods wagons and vans will also be there on the day built by myself back in December.


Railway Visits, and Tours:

This year looks quite promising for Steam railway visits, and mainline steam action. Of course a visit to the Bluebell will be due in the year as they will be opening their extension to East Grinstead in March this year… or a little bit later depending on weather conditions.

This Is how things are shaping up for the Year ahead.

-Mid Hants Railway
, Spring Gala: 1st – 3rd March 2013

-The Marylebone Flyer:
Birmingham SH-Marylebone (TY01) [wcrc],
5043 Earl Of Mount Edgcumbe, 6th April

-Isle Of Wight Steam Railway: Dates TBC.
-Steam on the Met: 25th,25th, 27th

-Bluebell Railway: Dates TBC

- Severn Valley Railway, Autumn Gala, 20th,21st,22nd September 2013
- Steam on the Met: Dates TBC

A video featured on the Youtube channel, and also featured here on the Steam Railway & Mainline page, was coverage of Steam on the Underground for the 150th Anniversary of the underground, This featured, Metropolitan steam loco Met 1, Sarah Siddons 12, Met Milk Van, and the 4 Metropolitan Chesham coaches from the Bluebell Railway, 3 of which built by Ashbury, and the other made by Cravens.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

January 2013

Posted by Matt Wickham on January 17, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Hope all the readers of the website Blog had a good Christmas and new year.

Whats been happening on the layout and on the website I hear you ask??

On the website, on the Loco pages, several new videos have been added, you can find these on the Class of loco column ones that are underlined have the videos. The new ones added this week, are 34059, Baxter, 96 Normandy, E4 - B473, Q1 - C1. You can also find these on my Youtube channel.

These videos are made to help explain how certain locos were built, or modified or what has been changed and also to see the running quality, especially if your looking to purchase a particular loco.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Over christmas, I had a number of kits to build, these were aimed at improving the Goods rolling stock on the layout, as most of it is brought off the shelf vans and wagons, and only 1 - 2 pre-grouping wagons.
 I now have a number of wagons, built up from the Cambrian range, they are good simple kits to build, taking about a day to build and a day or so to paint and put the transfers on.
 The wagons include:
SECR 7 plank (5542, 16194), LBSC High Bar open wagon (3346), SECR Ventilated van 10 Ton (15760), SECR 2 Plank, Ballast Wagon 12 Ton (567), and also a Dance Hall brake (11916).
Some of these were written up on my workbeches so if you wish to have a look please view the link on the word Workbench.

Other new rolling stock, I managed to get last week was a SR Hornby made Van B, non corridor type, these have sold quite quickley and are hard to get hold of, I managed to find one on a recent trip to London in Hamleys.. yes that rather big toy shop had a few left... so I brought one there and then...

You can view all the latest additions on the rolling stock page, all be items from the last month or so are in Red.

Out and about?

As mentioned I had a trip to London last week, this wasn't a normal trip as on the 13th January 2013, it was 150th Anniversary of the London Underground. As most of you will be aware a number of events are taking place this year, 2x Steam events this month... 13th and the 20th, would see a steam loco run on the underground from Kensington Olyimpia, to Moorgate, going through the heart of London.
 I attended the run on the 13th, and managed to see the VIP run in the morning as it was slightly quieter till i arrived at Moorgate. I did some videos at various locations in the morning, Baker Street, Earls Court,  and then in the evening I went back to Baker Street, and then to Edgware Road.
 It was a great day, some of the planning at Moorgate was suspect... but still the evening runs were very good and it was very cold... i left around 9:30 to go home and warm up.
 Due to the light levels I did most of the videos on my phone... which appears to work quite well... anyway a video of this can be found on my Youtube Channel or on this site under Steam Railway & Mainline 

There will be Steam on the Met in May and possibly September, keep watch on the London Transport Museum website for news and update.


Well the first one is fast approaching this year already...
Milton Keynes Model Railway Society (MKMRS) exhibition is at a new location this year, Shenley Brook End School which is a bigger venue than last year as it was getting rather overcrowded.
The exhibition takes place on the SATURDAY 16 FEBRUARY 2013, 10.00am – 4.30pm, I will be there late morning or early afternoon. A Bluebell Model Railway loco will also be on a layout at the show... so keep an eye out for that... a clue.. it will be SECR loco... hopefully there won't be too many of those around...

You can find all details of the show on the following link:

New venue, more space, more layouts for 2013


We are pleased to announce a new venue for the exhibition this year:


Shenley Brook End School
Walbank Grove
Shenley Brook End
Milton Keynes




With two large halls linked by wide corridors, this venue offers roughly double the space of the venue we have used in the last couple of years.

Admission prices

■Adults: £5.00

■Children/Concessions: £3.00

■Family Groups (2 + 2): £10.00




Rail ticket discounts


Discount on entry if you travel to the show by rail. Simply show your valid rail ticket at the door to obtain discount as follows:

■Adults: £4.50 with valid rail ticket

■Children/Concessions: £2.50 with valid rail ticket

■Families (2 + 2): £9.00 with valid rail ticket

Hope to see some of you there!

December Blog...

Posted by Matt Wickham on December 8, 2012 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

December Blog

So a month has passed... and now we are getting to the end of 2012... But just before the end we have some nice surprises...

C-Class + Dukedogs...

The Bachmann C-Class in full SECR livery was released on the last weekend of November, and pretty much sold out within the week, certainly proving very popular. I managed to get mine on the last week of November from Hatton’s... and apart from a nasty moulding line down the boiler which wasn’t cleaned up enough, what a loco and what a livery!

The wonderful livery of the SECR wonderfully recreated in OO, the printing is crisp and clear, the running is not to bad, considering it has no tender pickups, the cab well painted now getting towards Hornby standards... Overall great loco... and a now sort after loco... with most shops being out of stock.

The SR and BR versions are also available with the BR model due in the country mid December.

I have done a small Loco review of my model thoughts and feelings, as well as adding the model to the loco pages.

The model on my layout has also been spotted by the Bluebell Railway on Facebook... and poped up last week, at the time of writing, 140 likes so far!

The Dukedog, another model from Bachmann we have been waiting for... one i knew was coming 4 years ago having sold my old K’s Dukedog. The engineering prototype finally arrived at Warley a few weekends ago, on display the GWR version DCC, and the I presume BR 9017 as preserved... which was not correct at all...

Bachmann for some reason has modelled the preserved version with the BR chimney slight smaller and thinner, a whistle guard which is also smaller than the GWR type as well as several other parts.

I have mailed Bachmann about my concerns, and they are apparently now re-tooling it.

Another wait? But at least it will be correct!

GWR version pictured, (DCC)

H2 Atlantic,

After its debut on the test track at the High Wycombe and District model railway society in early November, time was taken to have a look at the look to gain some improvements from the valuable running it had.

On its own the loco worked well, and got some good running in. On the loaded runs, on the flat it could just manage 5 coaches, the test track had gradients built in... the H2 struggled up with 5 on, so test with 4, it ran fine.

The loco had no weight added, so it was a dry run to find out its base line performance. Weight has now been added and the loco nearly weighs double what it did before. Also in the list of improvents was adding more pickups, a New bogie was added coming from an L1 from hornby which has pickups on it.

The locos main driving wheels are quite old spec with big flanges on the wheels... I purchased some of the new Castle wheels... only to discover they were 1mm would not fit... instead the wheels the loco originally came with were turned in a drill and filed down to todays specs.

Another test is due around or just after or before Christmas.


I have just recently purchased an EX-LMS, Ivatt 2MT, to convert to a BR std 2MT, they are about the same, the LMS one being slightly heavier. A number of bits are different, safety valves, part of the running plate, Clack valves, Pipe work, generally a good base to start, now I just have to build it and buy the parts needed, which most will come from Markits.


The SE Finecast kit of an H-Class I purchased a few years ago from ebay, is undergoing a transformation over the winter too, the full SECR livery will be applied... it has just been completed and tested on the loco to make sure it all fits when it is added to the loco.

I am very happy with the transfers and feel this could be right up there with some of the best ones I have re-finished... the SECR livery is a pain to do.. and you start to appreciate how difficult the task is, especially compared to Bachmann’s

Loco pages:

The loco page has been update with the new arrivals and pictures... But I have started a new feature on the loco page, Click on the class of loco and it will direct you to You Tube, to view a video of the loco running, and a brief description.

These are available through this website and You tube channel...

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Hornby Announcements for 2013?

Hornby are looking to announce its probably quite small range this December 17th, 12pm

November 2012

Posted by Matt Wickham on November 2, 2012 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Getting to wards the end of 2012 now, and the end of a couple of projects...

Loco project H2.
 Theres been alot of interest in the EX-LBSC H2 project which is close to completion this weekend. The loco has been built from no less than 5 Hornby locos... and spares.

The locos for a base was a GWR Hornby Castle, dating from mid 2000's from a Harry Potter set, next 2 bits as a trailing wheel set from an A4 / A3 and also a Clan bogie. This would make the chassis... so thats 3, The motion came from a GWR 2800 class, the cylinders and connection rod was used, and the cylinders re-profiled. Next was the steps which came from an N15.

You can follow the project build on various forums, see the bottom of the Homepage.

The loco is a bit further advanced than this shot due to the winter closing in light isn't that great and taking photos proving difficult. The loco is fully lined, all plates added to the front and splashers. The electronic work is on going adding pickups to the tender... which I hope will be done soon, just need some insulated washers to attach it to the tender chassis.

I believe at some point this month or next the Hornby Open 3rd Maunsell will be released, I have one on order to add to the maunsell coaches.

Steam Railtours...
 I recently went and captured a steam railtour heading on the West Coast Mainline, and captured it just at Cheddington. There was to be another but sadly was cancelled... and re-shedualled for April next year.

You can view the video on the Steam Railway & Mainline page.

 The Video from Tadrail-2012 back in mid October has been uploaded on you tube and added to the Model Railways & Events page.

Tomorrow the 3rd November, sees High Wycombe and district model railway society's annual exhibition Wycrail 2012.
This year Wycrail is at a new Venue, Creesex Community School in High Wycombe, just off the M40.

This years show is bigger and better being the 40th exhibition put on by the club.

Cressex Community School
Cressex Road
High Wycombe
HP12 4UD

Open 10am till 5pm

Adult: £ 4.50
Children: £ 3.50
Family (2+2): £ 11.00

Abbotstone (O)
Aurbach Yard (HO)
Ashlyn (OO)
Ashland (OO)
Bewhouse Quay (OO)
Bryn y Felin (OO9)
Gravel Bottom (On)
Gilbert Junction (HO)
Highbury Colliery (2mm FS)
Kuppla Yard (HO)
Loughborough Road (OO)
The North Hursr Joint Line (OO)
Oxford Road (OO)
Plemont (N)
Prospect Point (HO/HOn3)
Rhineside (TT)
St Brayden (On)
St. Lukes (OO)
Sanki Valley (Z)
Santa Barbara (N)
Simply Narrow Guage (On3)
Somwhere in France on the Sea (Zn)
Springfield Spa (N)
Willowbrook Marsh (O)
Witney Euston (2mm FS)
Whatlington (3mm)
Yeoton Marsh (3mm)

For more infomation on traders, Demonstrations and FAQ's, see

I shall hopefully be there at some point during the day...

October 2012

Posted by Matt Wickham on October 12, 2012 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

October goings on..........


SECR, P-Class, 27 (Primrose), hasbeen completed since the last blog, last seen fully painted ready for transfers Im happy to report it is complete and it runs nicely,  The loco build can be found on a few forums around the web if you are interested in seeing what was done.

 The kit itself is a nice straight forward build, which is quite easy for beginners, but builds in to a nice kit.

The kit is from Dean Sidings. He has no web presence, and can be seen at a few exhibitions, usually Alexandra Palace, and also Warley in November.

Loco pages now updated.

Project EX-LBSC, H2, Atlantic

Many will know that the Bluebell is currently building a new H2 Atlantic at Sheffield Park, in July they finally had a rolling chassis, all be they are still waiting for delivery of the Driving wheels. But it is certainly now looking like a locomotive.

As shown in the last blog I was attempting to build one of these lovely locos from various kits, and a bit of RTR. The chassis is of a modernish chassis believe to be mid 2000's which a traction tyre on the middle axle, these came with a Harry Potter set, A lot of time has been spent on assuring the chassis ran smoothly in its new configuration, 4-4-2 opposed to a 4-6-0.

Yesterday saw a bit step in the project the chassis ran for the first time! All be without a body.

The chassis is made up of, A Hornby GWR Castle, A Clan front bogie, A4 / A3 rear trailing wheel set, and Cylinder + motion from a GWR 2800 loco. Thank god for GWR standardisation parts!!

At this moment in time, the body, is in one piece, detailing parts being added on Handrail knobs, sprung buffers, lamp irons ect...

The tender has been going well too, and is at the same stage as the loco. its rolling chassis, and tender built up of various castings, and also plastic parts, to make it slightly light for pulling heavier loads... instead of struggling to pull its tender, which will have pickups eventually.

Would like to say thanks to DJH, Abbiegails Spares, Nathan Gibson," target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Rails of Sheffield, Ace Models / Products, mainly trains, and also Peters spares.


Rolling stock news.

A new 25 Ton, SR Pillbox brake van has been added to the collection, made by bachmann, it certainly looks the part and is great.... it even has brake gear.... which would help if bachmann would tell us how to fit it...

It is now on the Rolling stock page.

Soon we hope to have another Maunsell coach, by Hornby, first one in 4 years since I first brought the first lot. This coach will be an open 3rd coach, similar to what the Bluebell has on their line.

Rolling stock pages updated.


Local Exhibitions

This weekend sees, Tring and District Model Railway Club, put on their exhibition TAD-Rail 2012, in Wing at The Cottesloe School, between Aylesbury and Milton Keynes, in Buckinghamshire.

 It is at a new venue this year, which increases the size, I will also be attending to have a look round, one of my fellow Southern Modellers Graham Muz will be there with his OO, Fisherton Sarum, based on Sailsbury shed.

You can find all details here on their website:

September 2012

Posted by Matt Wickham on September 16, 2012 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Nearly a whole month has passed... and things have moved on and changed round a bit...

LNWR Observation Car (1503)

First the LNWR observation car... the coach thats taken 2 and a bit years to finish... was finally completed at the end of last month... finally marking an end to a unique project. The coach I feel has turned out quite well, and seems to be extremely popular with the followers on the Bluebell Model Railway Facebook group, so I'm pleased with the results.
The rolling stock pages have been updated which features the new coach, as well as a new video which you can find on the layout video page.

P-Class: 27

 The project has reached the point of touching up small bits of paint work.. and applying transfers which Im doing at this present moment. Alot of work has gone in to the next stage, the transfers for the SECR lining, on the main tanks and sides of the cab, these have been made on a photo studio program on my PC which will probably die any day now. The transfers have been tried out some re-sizing has been done but are now ready after 2 weeks of making them, I'm quite pleased.

New Projects...

 I have been for some time had an interest in the new build... or part new build anyway of a LBSC H2 Atlantic on the Bluebell to be named Beachy Head (32424). To me its a shame the RTR manufacturers, that these locos have never been looked at to be produced as models. All be you never know when Beachy head is complete we may see some....
 Anyway... I was aware that my favorite kit provider Dean Sidings was going to produce one to fit a RTR chassis... all be a correct ish... chassis was not around at this time... and he he told me he was originally looking at a Hornby / Dapol Castle chassis. The wheels are close in size the main driving wheels, so I can see why... But for me I like a challenge, so I decided to give it ago at scratch building an H2, yes I'm completely mad... but we shall see.... I managed to get hold of a decent chassis, from a Bluebell member, Nathan Gibson..  which I will be using... I also purchased a Hogwarts castle body, to use some bits off that as well.

So far we have a rolling chassis, made up of about 4 locos so far, a Hornby Castle base chassis, A4 / A3 Trailing wheel set, A clan / Britannia bogie, and some motion and cylinder blocks from a Hornby 2800 class... so far oddly it works...

I'm still after some main components, but its on its way, and probably at the same point the Bluebell's build is at once the driving wheels get returned from Riley and son's.


 Not heard much from Model Rail all be I don't expect to as theres other articles ahead of my poor old layout...  but as soon as we have any information, then I shall tell you!

Hornby Magazine... I have managed to finally get in contact with,  after 2 years, and have sent various photos and word documents in  to them on layout, Baxter, and also the Observation car, which hasn't been seen yet as it was still under construction when the other magazine came to take the photos.

Steam Galas....

Sadly I am having to miss a great Gala at the Severn Valley Railway, theres a nice mix of locos up there for next weekends gala, the T9 will be there, the LNWR coal tank, 'Battle of Britain' 4-6-2 No. 34053 'Sir Keith Park', SR Class U 2-6-0 No. 31806 and also GWR/BR Class 1500 0-6-0 No. 1501.
Set over 3 days, Friday to Sunday its set to be a great gala and well worth a visit.... sadly for me I'll just have to wait till videos appear on you tube...