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Posted by Matt Wickham on February 15, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Well we are in 2014 a few updates already mainly regarding loco’s
- Loco’s
- Video’s
- Layout videos


Dukedog’s arrive after nearly 3 years….

Yes Bachmann has delivered, a few weeks in to January the wait was finally over, Bachmann’s 32XX, Earl class or better known as Dukedog’s.

I received 9017 first from Rails of Sheffield, priced at £98, they had already sold out of 9017 and weathered example 9022 when the model’s came in to stock… popular? Absolutely, and it’s easy to see why. They certainly capture the look of the prototype very well… for their size they are not bad in the haulage capacity stakes… managing 4 mrk1’s up a steep slop on the test track and a max of 7 on the flat is certainly impressive for this little model… which let’s face it, it’s not very heavy at all.

Bachmann certainly again have produced the goods, a well detailed model of 9017 in 1955 condition not as preserved!

I also ordered in early December the GWR green version which was DCC, I’ve converted it back to DC, the model was from Holts in Swansea, £103, which has also been turned in to 9017 so I slightly over indulged a bit on these… but why not?

I have put up a small video review on You Tube which you can find on below.

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Another arrival?

 Hornby’s Duke of Gloucester… bit of a late arrival… but I decided to pickup a railroad version one, sadly Hornby did get quite a bit of stick for their Special edition model, they may of slightly miss advertised that as it left many wondering what they paid the extra £30 - £35 for.

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So why did I order one… it was Christmas…. I was bored…. I think you can see where this is going?

So a challenge to myself… Can I improve the railroad range model to a special edition standard if not better standard with a budge of £30 - £35…

Well if your interested, have a read… or you can watch the before and after review on Youtube.

3D printing – Slowly getting there.

We are making progress, with most of the design being now done by Tawe TMD / Stephen, and me relegated to checking the models over and paying the print bill, which is probably the safest option… we are making some good strides!

We went ahead with a complete redesign to have the coaches printed the White strong and flexible from Shapeways, which is Nylon plastic powder set or melted by selective laser sintering, or SLS. This is a cheaper material so has reduced the cost by a fair bit! Almost half in fact!


We received our first print of the new design which was the all 3rd Metropolitan coach, which shows serious promise! We hope now once the Brake 3rd's print arrives and is ok we will put the first 2 coaches up available for order.

A few test prints of the GN Saloon have been done also, but have hit some problems with some areas not being printed correctly. But one day I hope it will be sorted but here’s a prototype to have a look at which ran well on test just before Christmas.

Changes are being made to the body and chassis, I managed to receive a test print of a revised chassis, sadly this was warped, which was disappointing, but print quality was pretty good.



Wasn’t actually planning to go to Warley this year but decided to in the end, was a good show was not to bad to move around, I managed a small video this year so not to long and boring.

Hopefully next exhibition will be The London Festival of Railway modelling which is at the end of March.

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Bachmann E4’s

A tooling sample has been on show, of the LBSC E4 being produced by Bachmann, model shows lots of promise, not date as of yet as to when they will be available… I would imagine towards the end of the summer of end of the year.

Whilst on E4’s, I have managed to complete the Weald kit, E4 which I brought from a friend back in November, It has been a challenge rebuilding it, repainting it, and fixing or changing various parts, but the result is quite pleasing.

With Bachmann’s E4 progressing decision was taken to sell the Roger Stenning kit which is in SR livery, not only this the N-Class 1406 is also for sale.


Kernows O2’s progressing.

Good news, after not much news on these progress has been made! Sadly Dapol seem to of dropped the ball as of late, and seemed to of lost a number of commission jobs, the O2 included, as well as the USA tank now being produced by Bachmann.

All 6. O2 models have now been signed off, and now in initial tooling for a prototype.

Milton Keynes, Shenley brook end school: 15th Feb
Watford Finescale exhibition: 15th + 16th Feb
London Festival of railway modelling, Ally Pally: 22 and 23 March


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