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Posted by Matt Wickham on May 23, 2014 at 7:15 PM

May Blog post


Well exhibition time again, so time to do my bit of advertising for the local show,
Railex 2014,
Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Stadium Approach, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 9PP
Saturday 24th May 10.30-5.30
Sunday 25th May 10.00-5.00

Adults £8.00, Child £5.00, Family(2+3) £18.00


3D Print updates:

Metropolitan Railway coaches.


Well after over a year of developments test printing ect… our first two coaches, All 3rd, and Brake 3rd is now available to the public, which you can purchase through Shapeways.

Each part you can buy separately so you don’t have to buy it all in one go… to try and make it affordable as we are well aware that 3D printing isn’t cheap.

As you can see above the Brake 3rd shown in the last blog back in March has now been complete and running for approximately a month or so.

We recommend that you read about how to order first before ordering, to ensure quality print first time round. Instruction manual to follow.

The first of the two composites have been printed, quality doesn’t look too bad but there’s still a couple of problems to be resolved prior to making it available to the public I will keep you posted on this via the 3D print group.

You can also see a short talk on the 3D printed coaches on our youtube channel of just click below:

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GN Directors Saloon

I decided to go ahead and finish off the GN Saloon to give a better idea how it runs when complete and to highlight any issues, some revisions have been made to the body file to try and fix some issues, in regards to the ends and the strength of the body in the centre. I expect to conduct another test print on this at some point towards the end of the year.


As mentioned I have gone ahead and completed the GN Saloon, has been running for a little while also has been a part of a couple of videos on YouTube.


Loco Kit progress.


As seen 541 has now been rebuilt and is awaiting it’s etched plates from Narrow Planet who are now doing standard gauge model plates GWR, SR ect… worth checking that out and at a very good price as well.

There are still a few things I am looking at to improve performance of the chassis, as despite the flywheel it is still struggling over points… so possibly more pickups needed. Also looking at how stiff the chassis is, when going round corners, with one piece connection rods there isn’t much flex in the chassis, so I am looking at a couple of changes in that area.

O2 Tank

Another O2 tank has been acquired for a future layout, based on the Isle of Wight, this one was picked up for a reasonable amount and had a pretty nice etched chassis and motor, runs nicely but again probably requires a flywheel due to struggling over points. The loco requires some detailing and cleaning up and will probably appear in BR livery, an identity has not yet been decided due to owning another kit numbered 24 and also having 2 DJM / Kernow models on order.

1618, U-Class, DJH

The U-Class has made some steady progress, with the motion now assembled and chassis modified to enable the motor and gearbox to fit. Some small detailed changes have been made to the body but not much to get excited about but progress none the less, etched cabside plates have also been ordered.

A new video

A couple of short videos, first one was produced to replicate in model form, scenes from the 2006 Giants of Steam gala at the Bluebell, featuring, Dukedog, 9017 Earl of Berkeley, and City, 3440, City of Truro, with some shots of 75027.
The second is just to show a normal working weekend.... and also show off the 3D prints I have to admit....

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