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Posted by Matt Wickham on August 11, 2014 at 4:50 PM

It’s been another quite a long wait for the next blog post, sadly work, is taking over! But need work to create money to build new things.


Bachmann Releases:

2014 Bachmann has been announced, not much for me but a reasonable range, with an NRM Shildon announcement due on the 29th July which was a C1 GNR Atlantic... well in to it's development already...
You can find all the releases here including their new scale OO9.
OO9 Releases
OO Announcements


What’s new?

3D Printing!
Metropolitan coaches:
All 4 coaches are now complete and running nicely, and recently appeared at the High Wycombe and district model railway societies open day. I will be also able to provide higher quality prints from a local company, using SLA printers, we have had one printed and it is very close to rtr quality, very clean, smooth, crisp prints. Be warned they are double the cost of the Shapeways prints, but they are worth it.
We have recently been contacted by Form Labs, creaters of the SLA Desktop 3D printer known as the Form1, and now Form1+ which one coach kit will be printed one. I am looking forward to seeing the results after having one of the coaches printed in SLA at a local firm, and seeing the results was very encouraging, so to see what a desktop printer can do I will be very much looking forward to seeing how one comes out." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

SR Maunsell Restaurant car.
Purchased as an incomplete kit Ian Kirk kit, I had a few Maunsell coach spares also as I wanted the kit to be running on a chassis compatible with the Hornby coaches for close coupling ect… work has been underway for a little while now the sides have been transplanted from the Ian Kirk kit to the Hornby coach, with modifications being done to the roof.

A future 3D print?
I am currently looking at 3D printing another small item of rolling stock along the pre-grouping preservation theme, this will use an existing RTR chassis. The model will be the LBSC Fruit / Milk van the one restored on the Bluebell recently numbered 270.
A test print has been ordered through Imaterialise, and hopefully will be delivered in the next few days.


Loco models?

Looking at replacing the existing chassis with an RTR chassis as the kit built chassis requires even more work to enable it to run better, at the moment it’s using an etched Comet 4F chassis, and I am currently looking at a Collett goods Bachmann chassis.



U-Class 1618
There’s been some progress, chassis and wheels have been painted but more importantly electrical pickups have been fitted these being a different type to normal, Gibson sprung plunger pickups. Still a lot of work to do to finish the motion and wiring, so a step in the right direction.


Small Prairie L.150
During a recent visit to London, I dropped past the LT Museum looking for something to pull the rather nice Metropolitan coaches, as most will know L.150 has spent most of the summer down on the Bluebell and is due to leave at the end of the summer for various steam on the London Underground network.

Anyway cut a long story short I brought one! I am quite impressed with the running quality, but not to impressed with the quality of finish, I will be adding certain extras later when I get round to it, but for now there is a review on You Tube.


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Days out planned?

Steam on the Hammersmith!
Another excellent event put on by the LT museum and London Underground, seeing Metropolitan E Class Met 1, with the Met milk van, Jubilee coach and the Chesham set with electric loco Sarah Siddon on the other end… a great event really busy day train around… really looking forward to the next event!


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Didcot Railway centre, 10th August
A railway base I haven’t covered on Youtube the Didcot railway centre, I do have some footage from a past visit in 2010 but never really had enough footage to put something together, so on the 10th August I will be attending Didcot to catch in action the Ex LSWR T9 and also to see the Steam Railmotor 96, which I haven’t seen as of yet, also to have a look at King Edward II which I saw in 2010 which was just a rolling chassis and a boiler in the back of the Loco shed… so will be good to see it complete.


The Chesham Branch anniversary 16th August
Steam is back on the London Underground, or Metropolitan line at least, with 2 steam engines, L150 and Metropolitan 1 running trains from Rickmansworth to Chesham, really looking forward to this event, this I think is nearly the last scheduled event, but I hear there maybe possibly more next year…

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