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Posted by Matt Wickham on July 18, 2013 at 7:20 PM

 June has been a very busy month, now in to July, the sun is out, and the big push to get the layout running again is in full swing!


On Horsted Keynes, some tiding and small alterations have been made, mainly to the platforms. Platform 4 and 5 the edging stones or card has bee cut back a bit now allowing the Maunsell coaches through without too much trouble.

The canopy's one platforms 1-2 and 3-4 have had a bit of a make over, new side panelling to them instead of the faded print outs which now look a lot better, the same as been done to the original Card kit ones so they match.

The Canopy supports on Platform 5 arrived from Shapeways, yes I've finally done some 3D printing... and it worked... which is a surprise! They have now been fitted to the canopy, and certainly now look the part, much better than the old one which is on its way to recycling... I have made the LBSC canopy supports available on Shapeways so if anyone fancies them you can buy some!


The best material really is FUD, but the white strong and flexible material is very good all though a little rough so may want to try the polished version:

The additional sidings are starting to go in now, points are on their way, with flexi track acquired for the sidings and the outside areas, I'm hoping it will be complete and finished by mid to the end of July.


Rolling stock:

A new coach has arrived, from of all places the Bluebell Railway, I finally decided to order the Blue Maunsell coach, produced by Hornby for the 50th Anniversary set, of one coach and one model of Stepney... I wasn't to interested in Stepney having the Dapol one, so just brought the Coach on its own.... it certainly goes will with the P-Class Bluebell!


2x, 8 plank 12 Ton SR wagons have entered service on the layout, built from Cambrain kits, 2 more kits are yet to be started another 2 Dogfish ballast wagons, hopefully the Grampus engineers wagons will be complete soon.


A new Ransome Rapier steam crane has been purchased also made by Hornby which I'm hoping I will detail it up a bit and make it look at least like the Bluebell’s… ok Hornby’s is bigger but there's not much choice so this one it will have to be.

Bluebell Railway - Model Railway Weekend.

Well I took a trip down to the Bluebell Railway with a friend of mine, to see the model railway weekend.. although details were a bit... vague to say the least... not really knowing what was going to be there.

The journey to East Grinstead was straight forward taking just over 2 hours, catching the first train out of East Grinstead at 10:40am being the U-Class.

There were quite a nice selection of layouts there, even mini Horsted in N gauge, was nice to see, although wasn't working to well... in service loco wise was the U-Class and the 9F with additional services being pulled by Class 33 Swordfish.


I have made 2 videos of the event, part one covers Horsted Keynes, with Part 2 covering Sheffield park, you will also find photos on Flickr:

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3D Printing – Met Coach project,

The 3D met coaches which hoped will be 3D printed are making some progress… Having done most of the work designing and building the chassis, bogies body… ect… I had difficulty adjusting and adding additional features.

So after searching for a partner on the project who knows more about 3D design than I do I joined up with a guy I was watching on RMweb, he was designing for 3D printing Rigid 8 Metropolitan coaches… a few of which exsist on the Isle of Wight as beach huts. You can find his work here:

He was doing his projects in 2mm and possibly smaller, so an agreement was reached to help with the Chesham set which he could then scale down to 2mm for his range but firstly help with the 4mm versions.

So far revisions have been made to the chassis, and bogie attachment, and some changes to the Bogie adding brake blocks. The bogie has now taken a backwards step to sort some issues, but I hope soon to show some progress on them.

My main problems have been with rescaling loosing all the detail when working with sketch up. Using other programs seem to of solved this problem.


I also in secret for the last couple of weeks been working on something else, but for now its still under development. But you can see progress and announcements on our new 3D print page… which you can find on the link below.





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