The Bluebell Model Railway

Based on a preserved line in Sussex

Project's Page

Updated: 03/06/16

On this page you will find various projects which have been written up for you to get ideas, and inspiration:
Click on the link PDF to view the build write up.

Check out our YouTube workbench videos more insight in to kit builds and other modelling skills:


 Metropolitan E-Class (Scratch build)
Metropolitan E-Class PDF

Captain Baxter build RTR chassis 

Captain Baxter build PDF 

 Hornby, 35027, Port Line conversion

- Re-name, Re-number, Tender conversion -

 LT Pannier (57XX) detailing

- Coming soon -

Milestone, K's Kit Metropolitan A-Class

- K's Met, A-Class build PDF -

 Keyser (K's kit) Ex-LBSC, K-Class

- K-Class build PDF -

 SE Finecast 0-4-0T, Class B4

LSWR / SR B4 Class PDF

  Ian Kirk, SR Maunsell Restaurant saloon

SR Maunsell Restaurant saloon PDF

 The Big Blue Bulleid - 4-8-2

Bulleid 4-8-2 scratch-build PDF

 Wills Finecast, Maunsell Q-Class 0-6-0

Maunsell Q-Class PDF

 DJH, U-Class 1618, 2-6-0

U-Class 1618 build PDF

 Weald Kit, LBSC E4 Radial tank

BR, E4, 32473 build PDF

 Bachmann GWR Prairie L.150

LT Prairie L.150, PDF

 Hornby Duke of Gloucester 4-6-2

71000 D.O.G Challenge PDF

 Dean Sidings Adams Radial

Adams Radial kit build PDF

 Will's / SE Finecast, U-Class

U-Class rebuild project PDF

  SE Finecast SECR, H-Class (Transfers) 

Transfers for H-Class PDF

 Ivatt class 2 conversion to a standard 2mt

Ivatt conversion to Standard 2mt PDF

 Scratchbuilt, BR, H2 Atlantic, Beachy Head

H2 Atlantic Scratch build PDF

 Dean Sidings P-Class Kit, 0-6-0T

P-Class Kit build PDF

 Kit bash LNWR Observation car

LNWR Observation car build PDF

 Smallbrook studio, LSWR Road Van

LSWR Road Van brake PDF

  Q-Kits, USA Dock tank, 0-6-0T
Q-Kits, USA Tank build PDF

 Will's O2 tank rebuild, 0-4-4T

Wills Finecast, O2 rebuild PDF